Authors & Reviewers

1.0 Introduction

Debbie Fortnum

2.0 The History of Haemodialysis

Nicola Thomas & Debbie Fortnum

3.0 Home Haemodialysis (HHD) – The Benefits of Frequent Dialysis

Sophie Halldin & Carol Rhodes 

4.0 Basics of Home Haemodialysis

Maria F. Slon Roblero, Evgenia Golland & Nicola Thomas 

5.0 Living with Home Haemodialysis

Karen Pugh-Clarke

6.0 Patient Stories

Anna Marti i Monros & Nicola Pacey

7.0 Diet and Fluids

Anna Poulia Kalliopi

8.0 Vascular Access for Home Haemodialysis (HHD)

Tony Goovaerts & Debbie Fortnum

9.0 Education & Training

Carol Rhodes

10.0 Safety at Home

Gunnar Malmström, Sophie Halldin, Monica Edström, Marie-Louise Bodin & Nicola Pacey

11.0 Ongoing Support

Nicola Pacey

12.0 Environmentally Friendly Home Haemodialysis

Pedro Miguel Reinas & Debbie Fortnum