6.0 Patient Story

Anna Marti i Monros

Nicola Pacy, RGN. Home Haemodialysis Manager, Wessex Kidney Centre, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK

Esther Gonzalez

“I had undergone traditional dialysis treatment for eight years. This conventional dialysis brought a huge physical and mental strain and so, my Doctor advised me to start with the home dialysis programme instead. Faced with learning both technological and medical aspects was an intimidating challenge at first. I must confess it caused me a great deal of anxiety during the first sessions. Furthermore, since I was used to having the dialysis surrounded by highly qualified health workers, when I first confronted the machine, I had to keep a cool head. From then on, it was a two-way thing. However, home dialysis has been life changing for me. Although I have to dialyze five times a week, it doesn’t take as long and I feel better to face the day ahead. Before, I used to adapt my life to dialysis. Now, dialysis is adapted to my life.”

Juan Carlos Arribas

“My name is Juan Carlos Arribas, and this is my little history:

When my Doctor told me that the day to start dialysis had arrived he also informed me about the new Dialysis machine, specially designed for home treatments and all the Home Haemodialysis implications like self needling using buttonhole. I´ve to admit that self needling was something I was not that keen on, in fact I was scared for both the home treatment and the self needling.

The Home Haemodialysis team, Doctor and Renal Nurses, convinced me to “give a try”. The first sessions I still felt quite afraid and then after the fifth session I was able to solo needle and everything changed.

Now after one year at home I feel really lucky to be at home with full command of my treatment. Thanks to the Home Haemodialysis I can travel, it gives me a lot of freedom and I feel so good that I even considered not entering the Transplant Waiting List.

I strongly recommend Home Haemodialysis and buttonhole needling as the best dialysis technique.”

Francisco Garrido

“My name is Francisco Garrido, today I´m at my hospital for the monthly blood test and Doctor and Nurse visit. Currently I´m on Home Haemodialysis but before I received my dialysis treatment at a dialysis center, 80 km from my house, so I used to drive 160 km each dialysis treatment day. Now no more long driving as I´m at home, but this is not the only advantage of being at home as I feel much better, stronger and with no recovery time after the dialysis session.

Autonomy is also important, I do everything by myself including needling with the buttonhole technique, this has been possible thanks to the great team of Doctors and Nurses. They taught me how to do everything and I feel secure at home.

Based on my experience recommend Home Haemodialysis to all dialysis patients, it works really well and it´s worth a try. So, don´t be afraid and when your Doctor and Nurses feel you are a good candidate for Home Haemodialysis go for it!!!!!”

Matthew Herbert

Kidney patient Matthew Herbert began hospital Haemodialysis aged 17. Five years and a failed transplant later, he was back on dialysis.

 “I felt rough in between sessions and weary afterwards,” says Matthew. “The hospital was 25 miles away so it impacted on my schedule.”

 Now Matthew, who works as a chef, has swapped to a home dialysis machine, and dialyses overnight while asleep.

 “Now dialysis hardly impacts on my life at all. Nobody needs to know about it. My boss is happier that I get to work earlier than midday, as I used to after hospital sessions.”

 “I feel a lot better. I used to get a bit down, getting up early to go to dialysis three days a week. Home Haemodialysis doesn’t make you feel as sick as being at the hospital.”

“You can home dialyse daily during the day but overnight dialysing is every other night so there’s less needles and stress on your fistula. Four-hour hospital dialysis sessions can stress your heart, but dialysing overnight means less heart stress and better blood pressure control. I’ve cut down on my pills and have less dietary restrictions. It’s as close as you can get to having your own kidney.”

 “I have more energy so I’ve started cycling, golf and running and my wife and I am at home more often so my wife and I are thinking of starting a family. “I was apprehensive at first but the training is good and there are phone helplines for treatment and machine problems. I’m much happier on home dialysis. I wish I’d started earlier.”

Matthew is doing Home Haemodialysis 3.5 times per week since 2014. Matthew is under the Wessex Kidney Centre at Queen Alexandra NHS Trust, Portsmouth.