Use of the Guide

Anki Davidson, EDTNA/ERCA Marketing Director

The Guide has been developed to help healthcare professionals to get a greater insight and understanding of what Frequent Home Haemodialysis is and maybe to support by making the choice of this therapy.

The content of this Guide has been written to provide the user with a consistent approach to Home Haemodialysis. And the chapters are divided and written for the reader to refer to whatever aspect of Home Haemodialysis interests them and should be easy to follow.

The information published in this Guide is for general and educational purpose only. This Guide will not substitute any existing guidelines or is no way meant to be a substitute. No action or inaction taken should be based solely on the information provided in this Guide.

The EDTNA/ERCA has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information provided through this Guide is accurate at the time of inclusion.

The aim is to provide practical guidance, and can complement more traditional training activities such as workshops and lectures.

It is of utmost importance that renal healthcare professionals and patients are provided with adequate information and training as well as appropriate supervision, so that they may safely and efficiently carry out care that is relevant to their role. The EDTNA/ERCA is committed to a standard of excellence in clinical training and long-term educational support.

This Guide is also available as a printed version. The Book can be ordered at the